The West Marches

The West Marches are a collection of indepdendent feudal lordhips located on the southwestern coast of the continent of Sylua.  The member states are bound together by a mutual defense pact against outside aggression, but are otherwise fractious, competitive, and prone to skirmishes and even the occasional open war.  The city of Waymeet, in the Duchy of the Plains, is the effective capital of the marches as a whole, as well as the seat of the ver Moelen family, Dukes of the Plains, the most influential house in the Marches.  The current Duke, Frederic ver Moelen III, holds the realm above the squabbles and alliances that characterize the other states, and is grudgingly respected as war leader and voice of the Marches as a whole.

Fifteen independent states make up the West marches; one, Plains, is ruled by a Duke, while the former county of Aborys no longer exists as such and the County of Corellis has descended into anarchy; the remaining realms are Baronies.  The Counts of Corellis and Aborys were bitter rivals, and did their best to thwart each other’s interests, before Count Gregor Aborys managed to foment war between Corellis and Woodsend 17 years ago, using the chaos to invade Corellis and ravage it, murdering the Count’s entire family and leaving him bereft of title and home. Lucas Corellis eventually drove Gregor from his lands, and finally managed to kill him in his dragon-ravaged capital, but between Gregor’s depredations and the rampaging red dragon Fortenkald, the central realms of the Marches are in total chaos; largely abandoned by their leaders, the common folk must fend for themselves while merchant lords out of Brillian do their best to claim ownership of the ruined lands.

Besides Waymeet, there are few major population centers in the  West Marches; the people tend to live in hamlets and homesteads and logging camps.  Brillian is an exception, a walled trade town in the Barony of Tranth and now Barony Seat since the tragic massacre at Tranth town four decades ago.  Second in size to Waymeet, Brillian sits at the convergence of five roads on a low hill, and is a bustling center of commerce and no little intrigue.


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The West Marches

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