Religion in Illumine

Religion in the World of Illumine is a fluid thing. Faith and belief are fuel for beings of immense power, who wield their power with world-shaping results, and in a world like Illumine, where miracles are a daily reminder of the power of the Gods, faith is common and for many, is stronger than certainty.

Philosophers debate the nature of faith in nourishing the Gods. If, as is widely believed, the Gods require faith to survive, how could they have battled the Titans long before any mortal being set foot on Illumine? It is entirely possible that mortals created the Gods through the power of their faith; this does not make the legends of the earliest days untrue, for enough people believe in them with the utmost certainty.

There are said by some to be ten thousand Gods watching over Illumine. New Gods make inroads in a given city all the time; old Gods see their churches wither and die regularly. Old texts and ancient carvings speak of a deity called Chemosh, a terrible Lord of Plagues. For whatever reason, his worship was extinguished, and thus he was extinguished. If enough mortals were to pray to him again, though, he could be reborn.

In practical, out of game terms, this means that any character may choose any God to worship, from any source. Previous adventures in Illumine have established that Loki and Athena have made their way from real world legends to Illumine’s pantheon, and that Kord and Nerull have migrated here from Oerth’s pantheon. Bane has come from Faerun, but has lost his lordship over tyranny; he is in Illumine the Lord of Conquest and the Bloodied Gauntlet. Bahamut and Tiamat, from the draconic pantheon, are worshipped by folk of many races, and the Raven Queen, of the 4e core pantheon, is the most influential deity of death. Even Asmodeus, the King of Hell, has a large following (though not in the Sunlands!) Pelor is known in many lands, as is his rival, Pholtus; in the Sunlands, Pelor is worshiped as the Almighty and the Creator. Gods have even migrated to Illumine from fiction; many in the mountains of the northeast worship Conan’s Crom, and the Vala Manwe and Varda of Middle-Earth are revered by the elves of Tiormaer and the Greenlakes as the Skylord and his Queen of Stars. There are also Gods known nowhere else – Trithkaros, for instance, is a powerful God of Knowledge, favored by wizards. He is LN, and grants the Knowledge domain.

Finally, adding to the confusion, some regions know and worship an established God by a different name. In Lufenia, on the Isle of Brye, the predominant religion is a dualistic worship of Bahamut, with Tiamat as his equal and enemy. The deities are known there as the Valorous Knight and the Dark Temptress, but they are unmistakably Bahamut and Tiamat.

Religion in Illumine

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