The city of Indiss squats like a bog hag at the edge of the Ironrock River delta, a squalid place of danger, intrigue, and fabulous wealth. Ships from the world over pour through her harbor, leaving gold, goods, and the occasional corpse face down in the river. The city itself teems with life, a riot of color and sound and (especially) smell, from the fishy reek of Harbortown to the squalid open sewers of the Ratrun and the cloying perfumes of the nobles of Northridge. Yes, the city teems with life…and it’s a really easy place to die.

Since the destruction of the Seven Cowls, the underworld of the city has been a chaotic mess of shifting allegiances and backbiting, as each petty underboss who fancies himself the next crimelord gathers his thugs and sends them at the gangs of the other would-be bosses, leaving only misery and blood on the streets, and putting aside their squabbling only when the agents of the Faceless Legion try to make inroads in the city. And behind it all, the Ebon Cowl still lurks, pulling strings and gathering influence, building an army to take his city back and destroy the Legion – and its leader – once and for all.

Into this riotous mess, you were thrown; forced to band together to survive, you have become a part of the city’s underbelly. Some of you were born here, others came to the city out of necessity, or by chance. Regardless, you now belong to Indiss. This is a city on a knife’s edge, its very soul at stake. You have the opportunity to shape the future of the city and the destiny of the thousands who call Indiss home. When all is done, you will have, for better or worse, forever left your mark on Indiss, the Sunlands, and the very world of Illumine.

The City of Cowls

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