The City of Cowls

Interlude 3 - Avenues & Alleyways

Eleventh - Twenty-sixth of Sunharrow, 474

Life in the city goes on as it always does, but perhaps just a wee bit safer. There are rumors of bogey men lurking in the alleys around the docks, of course, but who knows what phantoms the mind of a drunken sailor will conjure up?

Dove spent her time in polite company, charming and swindling the finer things in life out of the upper crust. She even managed to celebrate a holiday from back home, surprising everybody with fine gifts. Maudrin, meanwhile, was busy with research and structural improvements at the Skull and Gibbet. Anu spent a lot of time at the old Garaphos ruins, while Fiona spent her time alternating between wild revelry and building the reputation of the Thundercranes on the street. For Mica and Alaric, it was business as usual.

Despite the triumphs of early Sunharrow, nagging questions remain, and for some, there are more questions than answers. So, as the sun rises on the 26th of Sunharrow, it just so happens that everybody had a hankering for one of Jorlim’s famous breakfasts. To the Kraken’s Maw!


OrionRising OrionRising

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