The City of Cowls

Ardera Sempre

Twenty-seventh through twenty-eighth of Sunharrow, 474

Finishing his day’s research, Alaric headed to the Kraken’s Maw for a well deserved drink. When he discovered the wreckage, he headed straight home, donned his wargear, and made for the Skull and Gibbet, where he made clear his willingness to kill whoever had been responsible.

In the meantime, everyone else had been busy, trying to attend to the day’s business while also preparing for the meet with Twilight’s Thieves. Mica made an appearance at the monastery, attending to her duties enough to earn the Abbot’s approval, while Maudrin set about his healing rounds, attracting the usual crowd. Fiona had disappeared; one of her urchins had come to her pleading for aid for his missing sister. She had no choice but to help him, or risk losing the goodwill she had worked so hard to earn. Anu sat downstairs, reading her scrolls cribbed from the Academy while keeping half an eye on the prisoner, and Dove went shopping, and had a long decadent bath.

Not trusting the honor of thieves, Alaric searched out Siggrid, to borrow some of his crew as backup in case the meet went sour. His old captain was optimistic about the Northmen’s prospects in this soft southern city, and made clear his intention to stay for the winter…which was still several months away.

As the time for the meet drew near, the Thundercranes set out from the Skull and Gibbet; Alaric and his five reavers came later, acting as a reserve and a rear guard. At the shanties, Maudrin and Anu spotted some watchers on the rooftops, but no signs of treachery. Before long, a half dozen toughs arrived, making a show of parlaying. It was all a distraction, though, as the true leader of the Thieves was already there…right behind Dove.

She introduced herself as Twilight, an Eladrin tarrying in the mortal world when most of her kin had already departed. She was wild and fey, and seemed perplexed by Dove’s insistence that she was responsible for the actions of her people. When she understood that it was money they sought, however, she enthusiastically handed over a bag of gems, along with the three dupes still drawing breath, and half the rights to the tobacconist’s shop.


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